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Innovation Partner
Aldevron serves the biotechnology industry with custom production of nucleic acids, proteins, and antibodies. Thousands of clients use Aldevron-produced plasmids, RNA and gene editing enzymes for programs ranging from research to clinical trials to commercial applications. Aldevron’s Cas9 nuclease is available as an off-the-shelf product at research grade, GMP Source and GMP quality levels, eliminating months typically associated with contract production. Additional gene editing enzymes will be available in the near future. Aldevron also custom manufactures enzymes, including Cas9 and other nucleases, to meet the most stringent specifications. Company headquarters are in Fargo, ND, with additional facilities in Madison, WI, and Freiburg, Germany. For more information, or to get in touch with our client support team.

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Innovation Partner
Cellecta provides highthroughput loss-of function genetic screening services for the discovery and functional characterization of novel therapeutic targets. We offer pooled lentiviral shRNA, CRISPR, and barcode libraries;pooled library screening and analysis by NGS; targeted RNA-Seq for biomarker discovery; lentiviral reagents; and stable cDNA, shRNA, and CRISPR constructs and isogenic cell lines.