About Event


CRISPR 2.0 is dedicated to showcasing the next generation of CRISPR tools and their innovative applications. It’s time to step away from 1.0 CRISPR technology. Rather than attending yet another CRISPR meeting that covers old ground, CRISPR 2.0 will offer you the opportunity to:


  • Explore the potential of prime editing - Hear directly from Andrew Anzalone, member of the Liu Group, who is responsible for developing this novel tool
  • Discover the latest developments in base editing - Learn about improvements to further reduce off-target effects from Julian Grunewald at Joung Lab, and how to detect off-target effects of base editors to ease regulator concerns
  • Overcome CRISPR delivery challenges - Delve into the latest delivery platforms for CRISPR and hear about the innovative work being done to develop viral and non-viral candidates suitable for ex-vivo and in-vivo delivery, with valuable input from Beam Therapeutics 
  • Accelerate development of therapeutics utilizing CRISPR - Learn from companies gearing up for CRISPR trials, with key insights from Editas Medicine, Emendo Biotherapeutics and Beam Therapeutics
  • Investigate novel Cas variants - Understand how novel Cas proteins that optimize specificity and efficacy of gene editing will be vital to bringing CRISPR successfully into the clinic, as evidenced by Poseida Therapeutics
  • Expand the scope of CRISPR to treat a wider range of diseases - Inspire your own future development by hearing about revolutionary approaches utilizing CRISPR to treat chronic pain through epigenome editing at Navega Therapeutics

For more information, download the full event guide.